• Visiting POWs and their families all over Britain.
  • Organising regular pilgrimages of reconciliation to Japan for former FEPOWs.
  • Organising receptions for Japanese people visiting Britain to meet former FEPOWs.
  • Organising services of reconciliation when appropriate.
  • Promoting friendship and understanding by regularly organising luncheon parties and other events for former FEPOWs and their families and Japanese people.
  • Attending memorial services, meetings and conferences for former FEPOWs.
  • Giving talks about Agape Worldfs work in the UK, Japan and other countries.
  • Encouraging Anglo-Japanese cultural exchange.
  • Expanding Agape Worldfs work to other countries.
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Keiko Holmes was awarded an
honorary OBE by Her Majesty
Queen Elizabeth in April 1998.